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Chicken Soup Chinese Medicine

Bridging East & West

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Asian Medicine & Acupuncture

Who we are


Chicken Soup Chinese Medicine and its practitioners offer Integrated Chinese Medicine consultations and treatment plans.

Integrated Chinese Medicine incorporates all the pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)  – acupuncture therapy, Chinese herbal medicine, moxibustion, cupping, diet and nutrition, exercise, acupressure/massage – within a framework of integrative medicine and integrative health. All the practitioners at Chicken Soup Chinese Medicine provide services in a caring environment that puts the person – not their illness – at the center. Through consultations and ongoing case management, relationships are developed with clients and practitioners across the country as well as here in San Francisco.

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Chicken Soup Chinese Medicine

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Chicken Soup Chinese Medicine offers you a comprehensive treatment and lifestyle program. Your personalized program is based on Integrated Chinese Medicine, a type of integrative medicine that uses Chinese traditional medicine integrated with Western therapies.